The Cutting Edge

Knives have been a part of human history even before the wheel, used as a tool for survival.  To this day people often need to separate one object into two or more, or to perform any number of other leverage-related jobs.  Among knives, few types are more recognized by name than the Bowie Knife (technically […]

Pressing Political Buttons

Since they started to appear in the middle of the 19th century, political campaign buttons have been a staple of political movements and candidates.  Always a simple metal or plastic button with a pin behind it, these little doodads have served as convenient identifiers between different supporters.  They say with minimal cost “I support or […]

Tootsie Toys

Few toys are so ubiquitous as the toy car.  Only one company has as a record as America’s oldest toy company: TootsieToy.  The company produced their first toy cars sometime between 1909 and 1911, existing for more than a decade prior, and their ever-wider range of models was consistently popular between 1930 and 1990.  Their toys […]

Arrowheads: Straight to the Point

Across the world, people have made arrowheads.  Originally being chipped into shape from various stones, they have been made from bone and metal as well.  The type we know best (in Ohio) are those made by flaking flint into a familiar shape, and are often found in tilled fields after having been abandoned for many […]

The Kaiser’s Favorite Hat

The iconic Pickelhaube, the ‘point bonnet’, has its origins in 1842-43 Prussia. Imitated far and wide, these helmets were made from metal, leather, and even pressurized felt when resources were needed elsewhere. The Pickelhaube offered as much protection as other headgear of the time: almost none. It did, however, give the wearer a recognizable silhouette. […]

Gold: Everyone’s Favorite Color

For as long as people have wanted to trade, Gold has been pulled from the Earth and smelted into coins.  These coins can be found coming from nearly all corners of the globe, often with a tiny glimpse of history etched or molded onto it.  Usually Gold coins represent the most valuable pieces of currency.  […]

Can you hear me now?

Since the telephone was created in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell, it has become a fixture of everyday life. We use telephones, now evolved into compact computers capable of a huge range of functions, to coordinate everything. Since the World’s Fair at Philadelphia in 1876, telephones have become ever smaller and more useful. Starting out […]

Old Glory

The Flag of United States of America is one that is instantly recognizable. Thirteen horizontal bars represent the original rebellious colonies, and a field of stars over a blue background for the states. Since it was adopted in 1777, the number of stars has grown from thirteen to fifty. A different version of Old Glory exists […]

Lighters to Collect

People have been burning things recreationally for a long time. Whether lighting a cigarette for a pretty girl, or starting a grill for your steak dinner, fires at will are useful. Enter the Lighter. Originally derived from converted flintlock pistols, the first actual Lighter was invented by the chemist Johann Wolfgang Döbereiner in 1823. Since […]

Medals for Mothers

‘Family Medals’ are unusual yet interesting awards given to families for recognition of increasing populations. They have been issued by several countries, including France, the USSR, and Nazi Germany. The idea behind such medals was to recognize exemplary mothers, who bore and raised numerous children in a competent manner. On the pragmatic side of things, […]